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SLT's state-of-the-art telecommunication transport network is supported by national and international telecommunications links and serves as the foundation for the telecommunication infrastructure in this country. We have abundant knowledge on telecommunication systems, hence doors have been opened to you to study in this specialised field.

Qualifications offered


  • Certificate in Applied Telecommunication Systems
  • Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
  • Pulse Code Modulation
  • Fibre Optic Transmission Systems
  • Digital Microwave Radio
  • Digital Transmission - I
  • Digital Transmission – II
  • Digital Multiplexing


Fibre Optic Transmission Systems

This course is designed to give students comprehensive knowledge on all theoretical aspects of optical transmission as well as operational aspects of functional blocks and units and how to handle the system.

Minimum Entry Requirements:

School Leavers /Employees who are interested in fibre networks.

Duration :
05 days
Next Intake :
Jnauary 2021
Venue :
Course fee :
Rs. 19,300.00


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