The 21st of June 2016 saw Sri Lanka Telecom announce the launch of yet another innovative venture in the form of the “SLT Speed Up Cycle Sawariya” – the country’s longest cross-country cycle race. The press conference was held at the Atrium at Cinnamon Grand, Colombo.

Every child knows the thrill of riding a bicycle, its fun and exciting, but for those who make it their profession and passion as adults, it takes commitment, stamina and endurance to weather whatever obstacles along the road. Three main characteristics that SLT is no stranger to, as a leader in the ICT industry the company’s products such as, SLT 4G LTE, Broadband and Smart Line are a testament to the fact that SLT takes the afore mentioned qualities very seriously.

Beginning in Colombo on the 27th of July and ending on the 31st of the same month in Batticaloa, the race is being organized with the partnership and fullest support of the Cycling Federation of Sri Lanka, which will ensure that the race is conducted according to the internationally recognized set of rules and regulations. The “Cycle Sawariya” serves as an extension of the 2nd phase of SLT’s “Speed Up” journey, which was launched last year.

 As a socially responsible corporate citizen SLT has done its utmost to ensure that over 150 cyclists will take part in the race with the winner receiving a cash prize of Rs. 1 Million. The overall cash prizes make up a total of over Rs. 3 Million in order to recognize the cyclists’ efforts and further support their futures.

“It is a privilege to us at Sri Lanka Telecom to have this opportunity to organize the country’s longest cycle race. As an organization with our society’s best interests at heart, we feel that the sport of cycling reflects a number of valuable qualities such as dedication, stamina and endurance that we at SLT value the most”, said SLT’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Ajantha Senevirathne. “And we plan to do our very best to ensure that the “SLT Speed Up Cycle Sawariya” is an incredible success” he further promised.

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