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Remote VPN

Access corporate network from home.

SLT Remote VPN Service enables corporate users/employees to access their Corporate VPN (SLT Provisioned) remotely and securely using any public internet facility. It is a reliable and safe mode of access for the employees who are working from home. IP Sec Tunneling, Two Factor Authentication, and redundant core network are key differentiators of the SLT Remote VPN service.  Users can enable the RVPN in any device, a PC, a Laptop or even in a Smart Mobile Device.




Cloud VDI solution

Create Dedicated or shared working environments.

SLT support to bring customers’ office to home via Virtual Desktop Solutions. It provides host-based Individual Virtual Desktops for users with windows remote desktop or Virtual Desktop base solution with Golden Image Solutions are available for customers' requirement, while having their data inside the territory with Private Cloud located at SLT Data Centre.
SLT will host the customer application or App exe files in the SLT Azure stack platform, where customer’s users can connect via the Internet through SLT firewall to access the applications with secure tunnels. Customer support needs to be requested for special customer application installation. SLT will provide basic general applications such as web browsers and remote desktop clients.
SLT plan these solutions to be provided for special customer application to accessed by several users. For each user dedicated VM will be created. Remote Desktop access needs to be used with this model.

Data Gifting

Now enterprise customers can gift data to their employees' home broadband connections through the Broadband data gifting feature. This gifting can be done through the Broadband selfcare portal or My SLT app. Also, SLT provide broadband data coupons for its enterprise customers which can be used by their employees to work from home.

Secured Access to DC firewall

For Co-location and cloud customers.

Palo Alto VSYS can provide DC firewall with SSL VPN connections to connect enterprice cloud services and co-location services from home broadband connections.






One Number Service

SLT One Number service can provide an effective solution to forward incoming calls to your office number to employees (mobile/Landline) as you wish. With this solution, your employees can serve your customers from any location.

Microsoft Teams

Collaboration services for better BCP

SLT is ready to provide an effective solution to establish a virtual office environment to facilitate business continuity and collaboration through calls, chat, instant messaging, file sharing and conduct meetings.

SLT Storage

SLT Storage is a Software-defined Object Storage service, provisioned on Hitachi Content Platform (HCP). It provides an object storage space to store, manage, sharing and access the data via public internet or SLT VPN connectivity. SLT Storage is an Enterprise-Class, Backup-Free Cloud and Archive Storage service that supports Native REST and S3 interface and NFS, SMB, SMTP, and WebDAV protocols to work with application and data producers.

It allows enterprises to adhere to Data governance and protection policies by storing data in SLT Data Centers. It provides ease of use and ability to store data at a massive scale, which helps the high level of productivity for them. SLT provides 24*7 operation support with local subject experts.

AKAZA Learning Management System

AKAZA LMS, a cloud e-Learning product is a training platform that facilitates an online course market place, training administration, delivery and reporting for corporates and educational institutes. SLT has entered into a partnership with I-Context to provide a cloud-based e-learning solution that is hosted on AKAZA as a Software as a Server (SaaS) offering where corporate and educational institutes can subscribe to their very own branded e-learning administrative customer portal to add users (employees), add courses, assign courses and monitor their progress. Each user will have a learner portal where they can view assigned courses, follow courses and view their progress.

Subscribers can now start training immediately by subscribing to a free 30 day trial on Your very own Learning Management System can be deployed and white-labeled immediately through Quick and Easy Steps. Customers can upgrade and downgrade their platform through online purchasing of easy payment plan models. Further, they can onboard courses to offer free or at a cost through online or offline payment to their registered users.


AKAZACAMPUS, is a Massive Open Online Courses (MooC) integrated with a web conferencing system designed for online learning delivery by universities, educational institutes and schools in the country. AKAZACAMPUS is a professional solution for teaching students remotely in an online environment. It provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, chat, and screen.  Students are engaged with instructor/lectures through the sharing of emoji icons, polling, and breakout rooms. The AKAZACAMPUS MooC Platform allows all educational establishments alike to build the digital learning environment that meets the unique challenges faced by the Covide 19 at present and beyond. AKAZACAMPUS simplifies teaching, elevates learning, and eliminates the headaches of supporting and growing traditional learning technologies.

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