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International Data Products

SLT offers various innovative data solutions using cutting edge technologies for globally integrated businesses as well as telecommunication service providers. Our global connectivity established through our own submarine cable capacities in Se-Me-We 3, Se-Me-We 4, DS (Dhiragu-SLT) and BL (Bharat-Lanka) cable systems, globally dispersed POPs as well as strong partnerships built up with Tier 1 international telecom operators ensure the smooth and efficient fulfillment of customer requirements.

Global IPLC

An IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) is a dedicated point-to-point link provided to international businesses and telecom carriers for Internet access, business data exchange, video conferencing, and any other form of telecommunications. SLT is ready to provide connectivity between any two destinations in the globe via our submarine cables, satellite or land based copper or fiber cables.

Toll Free Service

SLT's Toll Free service allows callers to dial a telephone number to or from other countries without being charged for the call. The toll free calls will be billed to the receiver of the call.

Global IP Transit

SLT offers varied IP Port speeds and aggressive commercials in order to meet requirements of International Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Global VPN

SLT Provides MPLS based IPVPN solutions by interconnecting with international carrier partner networks, allowing organizations to enjoy private communication networks among locations dispersed worldwide. This enables secure business critical communication through voice, data and video via reliable and highly available IP WAN.

Global Capacity Lease Services

SLT provides submarine cable capacities on lease to meet the requirements of International Carriers.


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