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SLT's state-of-the art data centre offerings empower your organization to focus on strategic directives of the core business by minimizing your daily fire-fights and helping to broaden your business horizons.

Our full-fledged data centre offerings manage your mission critical infrastructure and applications through our rich portfolio. We help to strengthen the stability of your business while ensuring reliability, security and scalability, backed by professional support.

Extend your business to a fully fledged IT environment that provides special care for your business information with SLT iDC.

AKAZA Cloud Service

On demand access to a multiple array of information technology related services has become an imperative of corporate enterprises; they have therefore drawn heavily on the cloud platform as the default mechanism to carry out business today. In a Sri Lankan context this paradigm shift towards the cloud has been slower considering the uncertainty in relation to data and information security. It is in this backdrop that Akaza, the national cloud platform of Sri Lanka Telecom has truly delivered. Local corporates are now able to utilize shared configurable computing resources via locally hosted internet servers, and pay in line with usage. This groundbreaking venture has addressed the essential requirement of securing confidential data which is where the bottleneck has been.

Akaza’s technology typically integrates all of its cloud services inclusive of Iaas, PaaS, DaaS, SaaS and CaaS with the business management platform of corporate enterprises. Effectively, a gamut of services ranging from infrastructure to software can be accessed by way of a self-service catalogue online, centralizing user management. The need for manual intervention in the form of technical support for provision of services has become obsolete thereby empowering the user. The end result? A cost effective means to secure management of essential data and information, reduced downtime to maintain and troubleshoot, significant improvement in IT related service delivery speeds, and ultimately a means for improvement of internal efficiencies.


Akaza Products

Cloud Server ( IaaS)


Akaza provides the much awaited solution to staggering IT infrastructure and maintenance costs as well as technology obsolescence faced by corporate enterprises. The fundamental service stack, IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service has removed the emphasis from the traditional CAPEX model to that of investment in virtual infrastructure or hardware as and when needed.

AKAZA Public Cloud provides comprehensive infrastructure capabilities to host your most critical workloads of business applications and e-commerce or corporate websites. Also, we enable you to manage your services through powerful APIs and a user-friendly web interface portal.Ranging from virtual server space, network connections, bandwidth, IP addresses and load balancers, Akaza gives you the means to draw on a pool of hardware resources, which the cloud provider is responsible for maintaining.


Platform as a Service(PaaS)


In today’s business environment, the Akaza Cloud Platform takes away the complexity of having to manage traditional on premise application deployment. The need to procure, install, and configure hardware, database and application servers, along with a development and test environment, additional administration, and management of the infrastructure, database and middleware eats into additional time, money and corporate resources. PaaS or Platform as a Service is the solution to allowing faster deployment of new applications. In collaboration with leading cloud platform provider, Cumulogic, Akaza’s technology makes it easy to develop, deploy and manage applications on any cloud, while improving efficiency, time-to-market, and lower the cost of management.

Desktop as a Service(DaaS)


The landscape of the desktop is going through significant change. End users are more remote than ever before, working from home, while on the road or branch offices, and they are accessing corporate resources from a variety of devices. At the same time, IT is under immense pressure to enable this new mobile workforce without sacrificing security and control. IT must ensure that corporate data and applications are secure while also controlling the costs associated with the management of end user devices.

AKAZA DaaS frees businesses from the endless cycle of purchasing, supporting, upgrading and ultimately replacing local PCs by providing an untethered “virtual” workspace that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, on nearly any device, all for a predictable monthly fee.

Software as a Service (SaaS)


The primary importance of Software as a Service (SaaS) as a software delivery mechanism is the fact that it shifts enterprise focus from deploying and supporting software applications to managing the services that applications provide instead. Deploying complex enterprise software such as ERP and CRM applications require a significant investment in physical infrastructure, licensing costs, as well as a large team of skilled IT personnel to integrate the software with existing systems and data. This eats into financial resources and time spent on non-value added activities.

Other Akaza SaaS prodcuts


The popularity of eLearning in the area of training, and the benefits of cloud-based Learning Management Systems have contributed towards organizations wanting to offer training methods that are flexible and cost-effective. AKAZA eLearning is an enterprise and educational e-Learning platform made available over the Internet on “AKAZA”. This encapsulates the end-to-end process of training from course registration to certification.

Microsoft Products

In collaboration with the Microsoft, SLT can now license Microsoft products on monthly basis, in order to host Microsoft software services and applications for its customers. Akaza Microsoft offerings supports a variety of hosting scenarios to help you provide highly customized and robust solutions including web services, database services and applications to a wide set of customers.

Oracle BPS

A highly digitalized and globalized environment; software applications are a necessity to run the operations of corporate enterprises. Well known for its relational database products, Oracle applications empower modern businesses by way of the software they provide to run enterprises . Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), in collaboration with Oracle provides a Business Process Services (BPS) offering for large and medium Enterprises within the Sri Lankan market and South Asian region. The service includes outsourcing of operations and responsibilities relating to the functions of Human Resources, Finance, and Accounting as well as the role of Analytics and reporting for Companies within the manufacturing, retail, leasing and distribution industry segments.

Communications as a Service (CaaS)



NVISION is a comprehensive and flexible solution that provides for detailed monitoring of activity in relation to end user devices such as routers, and network terminating units. Information on port status, connected devices, and network traffic on the given port is collected with the use of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). N-Vision proactively helps determine whether a connectivity problem is due to a Communications Service Provider (CSP), the Internet or a web site you are trying to reach. It then pinpoints the network outages and performance degradation that might occur as well as the health status of the end device.

Hosted Multichannel Contact Center

Customer expectations have risen dramatically, requiring companies to develop a broader set of capabilities for their customer interactions. To be successful today, enterprises must be capable of responding swiftly, efficiently and accurately to their customers no matter what channel of interaction, or combination of channels they may choose.

The SLT Hosted Multichannel Contact Centre, is an all in one shop solution. It offers multimedia skill based routing and external destinations with the benefit of an integrated IVR for options such as Queuing, Menu selection and Message Taking. It also incorporates an outbound dialer for customers needing such a feature. Furthermore, it supports rich Unified Communication features across multi-locations. The solution enriches the facilities provided for Enterprise level Contact Center Services, BPO services and Modern Contact Center training.

Web Security as a Service (WebSecaaS)


Web Security as a Service (WebSecaaS) is a cloud-based security solution. It monitors web traffic to ensure end-users surf and use the Internet according to policies and rules created by their employees and service providers.

WebSecaaS uses a proven Security-as-a Service (SaaS) deployment model that is easy to set-up and administer, enabling companies to support a mobile workforce and operate their own “bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) policy.

Shared Hosting


A majority of enterprises utilize websites and blogs to engage with their customers and reach potential others. While there is much value to be gained in terms of web content, selecting a suitable web host is critical for several reasons. Revenue generation, and profit maximization primarily, followed by search engine optimization ranking (SEO) so that customers can find an online business presence easily which will serve to improve ranking. Even more essential is ensuring the security of a business website preventing any malware attacks.

With SLT’s personalized web hosting solution and state of the art data centre, businesses can now have their own website with minimum initial cost together with superior technical support. A widely used and superior web hosting automation program, Plesk 12 is deployed on both Windows and Red Hat delivering the most personalized packaging of shared hosting.

Storage as a Service (STaaS)


The unprecedented growth in unstructured data which encompasses e-mail messages, word processing documents, videos, photos, audio files, presentations, webpages and many other kinds of business documents are accelerating. This has been compounded by the popularity of rich media, the proliferation of mobile devices and the digitization of content. Unsustainable for current NAS/SAN infrastructures, backup and restoration eats into valuable time within an enterprise, while migration from older storage systems to new is very labour intensive.

All of this also serves to increase the cost. Most corporates are faced with a flat to declining storage budget and are compelled to manage the ever increasing storage with limited resources. SLT understands the need for a drastic change in storage infrastructure to tame the data explosion. Accordingly Cloudian together with Akaza, SLT’s national cloud platform offers corporates a powerful and cost effective storage solution. By using Cloudian, a business will have the benefit of stronger protection for data back up and disaster recovery alongside overall lower storage costs.

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