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SLT’s state-of-the art data centre offers a range of hosting services to suit your personal and business needs from DNS registration to mail server solutions to broaden your business horizons.

Mail Server Solutions

We offer a range of mail server solutions which will allow you to maintain an email address under your own domain name at the lowest cost and with minimum technical support required.

Virtual Mail server

If maintaining servers at your end is not an option (like in POP3), all is not lost. You can still have your own domain name but with reduced burdens on your part. You will not need to recruit experts to your staff. Instead an ISP can be selected to host the service for you with a domain name of your choice. That ISP will take up the burden of administrating the server for you (hence the name virtual server).

  • Virtual Mail server
  • Monthly Rental
  • Note
  • Monthly rental is inclusive of DNS rental.
  • Customer needs to obtain Email only or Internet & Email package to implement virtual mail server.
  • Above charges are exclusive of taxes. Relevant taxes will be applicable at the time of purchase.
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